TrueDetox Tea 30ct Box


Who it?s for:?anyone seeking a natural way to?cleanse the body and support their digestive and immune systems.

What it does:?provides?natural?detoxing and cleansing properties through a powerful blend of herbs.???

What Sets This Product Apart??
A unique beverage source?for cleansing the body and aiding in digestive and immune support.

Main Ingredients/Benefits?

Senna?leaf Considered a stimulant laxative because it stimulates bowel muscle contractions.?1
Cinnamon?bark Loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenol,?that protect the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. May also help boost the immune system.?2
Ginger?root Know to help?speed up the emptying of the stomach, treat nausea, and provide anti-inflammatory effects.?3
Orange peel Helps?aid digestion and promote regularity.?4
Peppermint?leaf May help relieve indigestion?and improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome.?5
Chamomile flower Provides?immune and digestive support.?6


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